The South Lake Democratic Club was organized in 1996 to support and uphold the values of the Democratic Party.
Our meetings are held the first Wednesday of each month beginning promptly at 6:30 pm. The meeting agenda includes welcome of visitors and new members, introduction of guest speakers, committee reports, and upcoming events.


We work to ensure that our strategies and projects support and align with the Lake County Democratic Party’s initiatives.

We support candidates running for election through canvassing, virtual phone banks, voter registration, and hosting candidate meet and greets.

We host and participate in local and national rallies, visibility events, town halls, and various other meetings on issues that impact the welfare and rights of all people in our community and beyond.
Members are involved in writing articles and letters to the editor on issues of local, state, and national concern.

 SNAP group presenting an award to Marvin “Jake” Jacobson for his leadership and passion for writing, December 2019.


We hope that the activities outlined in this brochure are of interest to you and that you are inspired to join us.
If you would like to help and have the time, here’s how we could use your talents and interests:
__ Phone banking
__ Canvassing
__ Staffing headquarters and local offices
__ Voter registration
__ Preparing materials used in canvassing packets


We all want to feel that the time we spend in volunteer efforts is making an impact on our community and the world.

When you provide answers to voter questions – such as where to go vote, or how to register to vote – you are making a difference.

When you prepare a canvassing packet you are helping to educate voters on the candidate’s position on key issues.

When you register new voters, you are helping to increase the voter base. So whatever you do helps to advance the Democratic Party platform.
Whether you reach one individual or many, you make a difference in helping us to reach our goal!

You can also help by joining the club or donating by using these links.